The inefficient and annoying things in life (and sometimes laziness) often inspire innovation.  Dynamic Media can create a mobile app that can help your school to engage with students, parents, and the community.

The struggle is real trying to keep track of team practices, games and  other school events, but at Dynamic Media, “WE HAVE AN APP FOR THAT!” We create beautiful apps that can highlight news and events beyond just the athletics department. Your parents will know immediately through push notifications about important changes such as school closings, test dates, and any other information you deem as important for them!


Dynamic Media’s mobile apps offer  tons of features, including event calendars where events can be added to a calendar on a device , interactive maps, picture and document galleries and uploading, push notifications, social-media integration, contacts directories, news feeds, and more!

How do schools get their information into the app? Dynamic Media offers a variety of technical support and training for your staff so that you can update the information in your app whenever and however you want.  We also offer app management services for an additional charge.

Dynamic Media can design, develop, and launch your custom mobile app in only a few days, depending on how much time it takes to receive the information your school will need in the app.

Schools can also offset the cost of their apps through in-app sponsorship’s, such as a banner ad, from local businesses. You may already have a sponsor/partner who would be willing to pay for your app!

Apps for schools are no longer nice to have, but a must have.  And according to, it has been predicted that every school in the country will have its own app within the next few years.  Dr. Stenette Byrd, Principal of Smithfield High School in Smithfield, VA said, “If we truly call ourselves educators, then we need to be educated on using the technology that many students already have in their hands.”

With mobile devices outpacing desktop devices, it’s not only a smart idea for the educational field to start considering mobile apps for communicating and connecting with students, parents, and the community; but it’s the right idea!

Has your school considered having a mobile app?